11/16/2019 BOARD MEETING 8:00 AM-12:00PM

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Additional Information

1. The Property Manager or Maintenance Superintendent must be notified whenever a recreational vehicle is either placed on a site or removed. The Trailer Data Collection Form (TDCF) shall be used as notification and is available in the Manager's Office or may be downloaded here

2. Recreational Vehicles must meet the criteria defined by the North Topsail Beach planning and zoning code. Any vehicle requiring a department of transportation permit or any other special permit for towing is specifically prohibited from placement within Rogers Bay. Additionally, any vehicle in excess of three hundred twenty (320) square feet, as measured in the towing mode, is prohibited within Rogers Bay.

3. Sewer connections must be securely connected at all times from the trailer to the sewer pipe (needs to be 3 inches above ground)

4. When not in use, the sewer pipe must be securely capped to prevent surface water from entering the sewer system at any time. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in a fine.

5. All lots must display their lot numbers, at eye level on the RV, and on the electric meter box. Pull through lots must show lot numbers on either road side. All RVs and watercraft shall display a valid license tag. The tag may be displayed in a window on the RV.

6. All outside water pipes and spigots must be adequately insulated to prevent freezing in this region during the winter months. It is suggested that the ball valve be shut off at the underground water connection whenever the owner is not using the RV.

7. Only one RV is allowed on each lot. Co-owners are responsible for the upkeep of their RV(s). A co-owner may allow a visitor to place a Pop-Up or Tent on their lot for a period not to exceed more than 30 days.