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RBPOA Rules & Regulations Part II


1. Storage sheds must be in compliance with North Topsail Beach regulations. Any other structure is prohibited, and shall not be placed on the site.

2. Storage boxes or bins not in excess of three-feet by four-feet by three-feet, or storage boxes or bins not in excess of three-feet-two-inches (or thirty-eight-inches) by four-feet-three-inches (or fifty-one inches) by six-feet-five-inches (or seventy-seven-inches), or the equivalent Rubbermaid type storage bin shall be properly anchored.




1. Bicycles, wheeled toys, balls, or other toys may not be left or stored on common areas.

2. Marking any common area (roadway, buildings or sidewalks) with chalk, paint or other substance is prohibited.

3. Signs: One sign of customary and reasonable dimensions advertising a trailer/lot “For Sale, “For Lease, or “For Rent” may be posted in the front window or on the lot of a unit, but must be removed after close of escrow or when the unit is rented/leased. Commercial signs and signs other than non-commercial are not permitted on common area.

4. Littering, disposal of trash, grass, clippings, mail addressed to a resident that is on the ground or other debris on or around the common areas and facilities is strictly prohibited.

5. Insurance: The Association insures the buildings and common areas against loss by fire, windstorm, hail and certain other perils. The Association assumes the risk and carries liability insurance on all common areas as defined in the Declaration and/or By-laws. The Association does not insure any occupant's personal property against fire, theft, water damage, mysterious disappearance, vandalism, malicious mischief, etc. whether the property is located on the site, inside the RV, storage bin, or in the common areas.




The Rogers Bay POA identifies the following as acts of vandalism subject to fines, penalties, repair costs, criminal charges, and loss of privileges:

1. Acts of vandalism consist of, but are not limited to, defacing community buildings, damaging vehicles, and damaging or destroying community assets, such as landscaping, fences, signs, road, recreation facilities, bathhouses, etc.

2. Acts of vandalism will be dealt with by the Board of Directors, and shall be reported to the North Topsail Beach Police Department for investigation and prosecution. Individuals caught in the act of committing vandalism may be prosecuted under the North Carolina Criminal Code.

3. Co-owners are responsible for payment of fines and repair costs resulting from vandalism by members of their household, guests, renters and renter’s guests.

4. Misuse or vandalism of any Association facilities may be cause for suspension of privileges for up to 30-days.




The following rules and regulations regarding Rogers Bay Infrastructure shall be strictly enforced:

1. Any modification to the “sewer connections or system” including removal of caps, extending of lines or traps is prohibited. Any violation shall result in fines against the co-owner, and an Incident Report submitted to the North Carolina Water Quality. (The POA can be fined up to $10,000 per day if violations occur.)

2. Any modification to the existing fresh water system lines including adding taps or moving or extending water lines on the supply side of the water cut-off at the street is strictly prohibited and will result in a fine.

3. Lots without “sewer taps” shall follow a prescribed procedure to apply for a tap on their individual site. This information is available in the Manager's Office. There are multiple agencies involved in this process, and a license must be obtained from the NC Division of Water Quality.




NC Division of Coastal Management


Federal Emergency Management Agency


NC Division of Environmental and Natural Resources 910-796-7215 • FAX 910-350-2004


Congress recognized the vulnerability of development on coastal barriers and passed the Coastal

Barrier Resources Act of 1982 (CBRA) and the Coastal Barrier Improvement Act of 1990 (CBIA), establishing a system of protected COBRA areas and Otherwise Protected Areas (OPAs) known as the

Coastal Barrier Resources System (CBRS).

RV (NTB) Ordinance

Recreational Vehicle - Any vehicle requiring a department of transportation permit or any other special permit for towing is specifically prohibited from placement within any travel trailer park. Additionally, any vehicle in excess of three hundred twenty (320) square feet, as measured in the towing mode, is prohibited within any travel trailer park.


The Town of North Topsail Beach


Violations Committee


Property Owners Association


The word Renter used in these documents is intended to also include Tenant, or Lessee.


Incident Report Form (IRF)

Complaint Form

Trailer Data Collection Form (TDCF)

Picnic Usage Form

Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR)

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