Garbage and other Trash

  • Household garbage is the only thing which is to be placed into the dumpster at the central (Blue) bathhouse. Do not put old lawn furniture, grills,carpet, lawn movers, vegetation, bushes, computers, televisions or there non-household garbage in or beside the dumpster. Should these types of material be found in the dumpster the load can be rejected and returned to Rogers Bay at our expense at which time we would have to remove the unacceptable materials. 

  • Co-owners are responsible for transporting any electronics,lumber,old decking,appliances,rugs,and furniture to the North Topsail Landfill. At 320 Old Folkstone Road in Holley Ridge approximately 7.2 miles from Rogers Bay. The Landfill will charge for some of these items.

NTB Landfill