Information Request


Information Request Policy (11/15/14) Request Format All information requests, with the exception for requests for copies of the Annual Report or general information documents, must be submitted in writing. 

The request form should be completed and should specifically describe the data sought. Fulfillment Time Information requests will be a lower priority than the regularly scheduled activities, but should not take more than one month to fulfill. 

Where the information sought in a data requests, however, is unusually voluminous or requires extensive searching of records, the fulfillment period may be longer than one month.


In the event, the Manager will notify the requesting party of the expected fulfillment time. Payment of Fees Payment for publication requests must be made in advance. Payment for data requests must be made upon fulfillment, except where the requesting party has previously failed to pay fees or where the estimated costs of fulfillment exceeds $50.00 in which case payment will be required in advance.

Payment must be made by check to RBPOA. The following schedule of fees applies to all information requests: Postage and Handling: $5.00 (unless cost exceeds that amount) via U.S. Postal Service Copies: $0.25 per page/per side Fee Exemptions 

The first Information request per property owner per calendar year will be free of charge. Each additional request per property owner will be at the fees above. Procedure All information requests should be made through the Campground Manager.