Lawn Mowing

Grass Cutting Policy

(Beginning May 1st and ending on Nov. 1st of each year)

Co-owners are required to cut and trim lawns approximately every two (2) weeks. If a co-owner fails to comply, the BOD will provide the lawn service on the 15th and 30th of each month, and bill the co-owner $35.00 per lot. Notification of such services will not be provided. Any monies collected from this violation will be paid to the lawn service company, and any remaining monies will be deposited into the grounds maintenance account.

Taken from RBPOA RULES AND REGULATIONS (Revision 8-4 Page 10-11)

Need Your Lot Mowed? Call one of these Mowing Contractors:

  • Tommy Bryan      336-692-0764
  • Bill Grady             910-934-0629
  • Ralph Turnage    919-738-2884