11/16/2019 BOARD MEETING 8:00 AM-12:00PM

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RB Swimming Pool

Pool Policies Pending Review


NEW IN 2015 - All property owners will be issued 4 wristband to assist in the identification of unauthorized pool users. Pool wristbands are to be worn by anyone 16 and over when using the pool, all minors are to be accompanied by someone 16 or over wearing a pool wristband. Anyone not wearing a wristband will be asked to leave the pool area. ( 7/19/14 motion)

PICK UP OF POOL WRISTBANDS - Each lot owner may get 4 wristbands, these wristbands must be picked up at the POA Office on Carolina Street beginning January 2, 2015. Owners will be required to sign for receipt of wrist bands. Office Hours: Jan 2 - March 31 Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. April 1 - Nov 1 Tuesday - Saturday 8 a.m. - 1 p.m.

REPLACEMENT WRISTBANDS - There will be a $1.00 fee per bracelet to replace lost or misplaced wristbands. (8/16/14 motion)



1. Safety: Co-owners are responsible for their conduct, the conduct of their family, guests, renters and renter's guests. Violations of the following rules will result in restriction of use for up to one-month per incident in addition to a fine.

2. NO LIFE GUARD ON DUTY: Everyone who uses the pool area does so at their own risk.

3. EVERYONE must shower and rinse off feet before entering the pool.

4. NO food. NO alcohol. NO glass containers. NO breakable objects are permitted in the pool area (within the fenced pool area). NO littering. Place all trash in the trash cans provided.

5. Users of the pool must be alert to any unsafe conditions at all times.

6. Persons under 14 years of age must be under direct adult supervision at all times while in the pool. An adult for this rule is identified as a person 16 (7/19/14 motion) years or older.

7. Appropriate swimming attire must be worn in the pool.

8. Children not yet "toilet trained" must wear either rubber pants or swimmers pull-ups, and must be continually supervised by their parent or sitter. In the event of an accident, the

Property Manager or Board Member must be notified immediately. No disposable diapers are allowed.

9. Life rings and other safety equipment are for emergency use only. No hard floatation devises or toys are allowed in the pool (surf boards, boogie boards, canvas rafts, etc.)

10. In compliance with state laws, no diving into the pool, no pushing, shoving, horseplay of any type or running anywhere in the pool area.

11. NO pets are permitted in the pool area.

12. The pool gate must be closed each time you enter or exit the pool area.

13. A person with colds, coughs, red or infected eyes, skin eruptions, open wounds or sores, or bandages are not permitted in the pool.

14. No ball playing is permitted on the pool deck areas.

15. Offensive behavior, i.e. vulgar language or lewd behavior are not permitted in the pool areas. Lewd behavior is defined as obscene and indecent; examples include but are not limited to nudity and inappropriate touching of another person. Public nudity is also subject to prosecution under ordinances of the Town of North Topsail Beach.

16. No soap, bubble bath or dye can be used in the pool.

17. Anyone not adhering to the above rules will be asked to leave. Continued violation of the above mentioned rules shall result in fines and loss of pool privileges.

18. Pool hours are posted at the gate.

19. The Association is not responsible for the loss theft of, or damage to anyone's personal property.


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